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New Feldman was established in 1934 as a family company. Since its incorporation, its main occupation was importing and marketing heavy machinery and vehicles and agricultural equipment from leading manufacturers, including Fiat, Ford and others.

Today the company is a major player in the agriculture machinery marketing and the heavy equipment segment and it is the Israeli representative of leading manufacturers in these fields.

In the agriculture segments – Tractors of Case and New Holland. In the heavy equipment segment – KOMATSU, GEHL earthworks equipment and Husqvarna lightweight yet powerful reversible plate

In the oils segment, the company imports and markets Castrol oils, a high-quality, world renowned brand. In parallel with marketing the machinery, the company owns and operates a central repair shop and operates a nationwide chain of repair shops, as well as disburses spare parts and services all of the equipment across Israel.

In 2016, Feldman was acquired by the Tif’eret group which is well renowned for its operations in the Israeli Vehicle sector including a partnership in the Operate leasing firm, several certified service centers of Peugeot and Citroen in Israel, a logistics car parts center, a Peugeot and Citroen car dealership and an insurance firm.


The group employs more than 500 employees across Israel. The connection of Feldman with the Tif’eret Group provides the company with a wide financial back and the ability to develop and expand over time.

Feldman currently employs approx. 50 employees with broad professional knowledge in the fields of agriculture, heavy equipment and complementary and spare parts. Its staff includes engineers and professionals who provide support and services to all of the firm’s customers.

Heavy Equipment
New Feldman is the exclusive representative in Israel of KOMATSU – one of the world's leading manufacturers of mechanical engineering equipment for earthworks, quarries and mines. During the last year, as part of the changes and the expansion of the group’s operations, working and commerce relationships were established with the global company Husqvarna, providing Feldman with the franchise for importing and marketing these lightweight earth rollers in Israel.In addition, the company continues to be a significant player in the earthworks and paving industries, through marketing the GEHL (American) heavy vehicles. It has a market share of approx. 25%.

The company continues to market agricultural tractors and be a major player in this industry in Israel. Feldman represents two strong manufacturers in the agricultural sector, New Holland and Case.

Feldman is the importer of Castrol oils, a world-renowned brand. The Oils sales are aimed at a wider niche and include private vehicles, trucks and buses, heavy equipment, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, service centers, repair shops and industrial applications. Through the logistical and professional capabilities, the oils are marketed from the company to its end consumers quickly and efficiently throughout the country.

The spare parts department
As part of Feldman’s marketing operations, the company operates a department of spare parts for the agricultural and earthworks equipment which is imported by the company, as well as other trucks and agricultural and earthworks equipment. The company operates a large logistics center which provides a fast response to customer throughout Israel.

Feldman will continue and expand both in the marketing and distribution world and in the import aspects while expanding the range and variety of the tools and equipment in the in the agricultural and earthworks equipment sectors. All while maintaining a high level of professionalism and high-quality marketing, distribution and service in the Israeli market.

Feldman is a Brand!!!
More than 85 years of experience provide extensive experience and knowledge which were accumulated during the period and amplify the company’s capabilities which are based on professional and service capabilities which are delivered to the company’s faithful customers who interact with it for many years.

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